Easter Bunnies

What good is it to have a bunny if you don't take Easter pictures with him? I told Sam that if he and all the kids have household duties, it's only fair that Nutmeg have some too. Bunny Household Duties include being cute, being furry, and posing for Easter pictures. I love how they turned out. Easter is my favorite holiday and these little people are my favorite people!
I love Daisy's face in this picture. She is put out because she wanted to hold Marigold on her lap.
She got over it, though. :)

They have grown up so much since they last posed with a bunny!
Happy Easter!


  1. I love the nutmeg pictures!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love the pictures of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. p.s. I am sad easter is over.


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