Red Butte Spring

I love daffodils, so if we can, we always make it a priority to visit daffodil gardens in the Springtime! Red Butte Garden is one of our favorite places. I don't think I got any pictures of the flowers last year, and when I compare with past years everyone looks enormous and enormous-er. Soon they will be pushing ME through the gardens in a stroller! I hope so, anyway.
Goldie was a little sick, and you can see it in her eyes---they're kind of tired and sad-looking. Poor baby. She sure likes her brother Abe, though.
I love the afternoon sun on the daffodils!
Daisy "hiding" behind a tree

More sick baby Goldie. I love her.
I thought Ky's eyes looked so pretty with the sun on them.
He looked like a daffodil, with his green and gold clothes. "Make yourself look like a daffodil," I said.
This shot has become somewhat of a tradition.
Time to start putting the girls in it too, I guess!
Waiting for me to catch up to them at the top of a hill
I love this color combination!

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  1. I like the pictures in our traditional picture spot!


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