Little Lucia

Daisy just loves Santa Lucia Day. Next year maybe she won't fit the dress anymore and Junie will have to do the honors, but for now, Daisy gets the privilege of taking the saffron buns to her Daddy on a tray. (Here she is last year and the year before.)
You can tell she's a bit nervous about dropping them. :)

If you haven't made Lussekatter, you should get yourself some saffron and try them! They're the perfect holiday bread. You can find the recipe here. The saffron is expensive, but we only make these once a year!

Sam and I always comment on how very European their taste is---not extremely sweet, but so tender and delicate and surprising. They just get better and better the more of them you eat! We served them with Parisian Hot Chocolate this year and it was a perfect combination.
Such a beautiful, cheerful, golden yellow color! 
I am also very partial to foods that are cute. I just love these little spirals!

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