For the last few years Sam and I have had been going to an ornament exchange party. I have to say, though I don't wish to boast, that it's a coveted invitation to get, and the guest list is made up of all sorts of cool people—artists and musicians and various other luminaries—so we always feel lucky that we get to go. And we always feel like we want to make something really good to bring. Last year I made the tiny Star Wars people, and this year I decided to crochet these tiny Wizard of Oz characters. I got the (adorable, right?) pattern here.
I think Dorothy and Toto (in his basket) are the cutest. But it wasn't all fun and games:
Gaaaaaaa!! Scary Dorothy! I don't know why my first try always turns out so horrifying. I guess it just takes me awhile to figure out what I'm doing? Daisy has adopted all these poor little orphaned misfits. She loves them, and they deserve someone to love them, but still…one hates to come suddenly upon them in the night…

Tin Man
Cowardly Lion

Sam's ornaments are always works of art. This year he used the wood-burner to make a wooden ball ornament. It was hugely popular at the party, and you can see why:
These pictures show all the different sides of the same ornament. I loved the way the birds were all tangled and woven in and out of each other in the design. And of course Sam is constitutionally incapable of drawing something without an arresting personality. Such cute, expressive little birdie faces! Now, if only he would make another of these for ME!

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  1. I am also pleased that they allow me to come. And both of you were a terrific hit. Yours went three like lightening - and it was only because Murphy, Lynn, Rebecca and I were fighting over the ball that it went about 600, back and forth. Kind of like volleyball. And how could he promise GINNA one, right in front of you AND me???? So I tell you what. If he makes the promised one for Gin and then the promised one for me, YOU get mine. I can't speak for Ginna, who is MUCH more greedy than I am, and shamed him into the promise, even though I was the one dying.

    It was generally quite a lovely time, I thought - and I apologize for not recognizing the OZ gang right away - I was having trouble recognizing my own family -


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