Tiny blankets

Lately I've had the happy situation of having lots of friends having babies, which means lots of my favorite kind of crocheting projects! I made these bubble blankets for my new little twin nephews:
(Super-easy free pattern here; I love it!)

My children loved these blankets SO much that they all begged for one of their own. Maybe that will happen someday . . . but for now I told them they could each choose some colors and I'd make a blanket for one of their stuffed animals. They have SO many animals they love that it turned into more than one each, but since they were so tiny I didn't mind. :)
I like these little twins
I am now working on a blanket for myself, which I've never done before, and it will probably take me eons. (Actual person-sized blankets are so BIG!)

Easter Eggs

I just like to post pictures of our pretty eggs because otherwise I feel sad about cracking their shells and eating them.
Abe's bear egg
Sam made the cute bunny one.
Daisy with dots.

Red Butte Spring

I love daffodils, so if we can, we always make it a priority to visit daffodil gardens in the Springtime! Red Butte Garden is one of our favorite places. I don't think I got any pictures of the flowers last year, and when I compare with past years everyone looks enormous and enormous-er. Soon they will be pushing ME through the gardens in a stroller! I hope so, anyway.
Goldie was a little sick, and you can see it in her eyes---they're kind of tired and sad-looking. Poor baby. She sure likes her brother Abe, though.
I love the afternoon sun on the daffodils!
Daisy "hiding" behind a tree

Easter Bunnies

What good is it to have a bunny if you don't take Easter pictures with him? I told Sam that if he and all the kids have household duties, it's only fair that Nutmeg have some too. Bunny Household Duties include being cute, being furry, and posing for Easter pictures. I love how they turned out. Easter is my favorite holiday and these little people are my favorite people!
I love Daisy's face in this picture. She is put out because she wanted to hold Marigold on her lap.
She got over it, though. :)

Soft Pretzels

I love soft pretzels! My friend Rachael and I made them for our 11th-grade book report on The Scarlet Letter. In the shape of fancy letter A's, of course. We also made homemade "wine" that sort of turned into real wine over a long weekend in our teacher's office . . . but that's another story. Anyway! These are SO delicious. We have a tradition of making them during Holy Week (they are supposed to look like little folded arms, praying).

The children have gotten quite good at making the pretzel shapes (or other shapes . . . Daisy kept making shapes that looked exactly like those "awareness" ribbons you see for breast cancer or what-have-you. They were actually quite nice. And Sebby made a tram which he was very proud of).

(We referenced the recipe from here. Since we ended up modifying it and combining it with this recipe, I will reproduce our version here to save you the trouble.

Soft Pretzels


History always repeats itself.


Temple Square flowers

The Spring flowers at Temple Square are particularly nice this year. I always wonder if their planting beds are heated (or maybe just naturally warmer, being elevated from the ground?) because it seems like the flowers there are always blooming before their time! This post is for Allison, who told me she misses Utah's tulips and other Springtime flowers. :)
Abe speaks at the Conference Center Pulpit (replica)
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