Birds and Bon Mots

(NOTE: I looked for some unifying thread I could use in this post, but in vain. So, don't fret if you find yourself a bit discombobulated, reading it. I'm just trying to post various pictures that seemed like they needed posting.) 

Sometimes there are so many birds flying around. I wonder what on earth they are doing? They dive down and glide along close to the ground, then they line up and rest on the rooftops, and then—
at some unknown signal, they all swoop off again!

I guess this shirt is getting too small for Malachi now. But he doesn't want to stop wearing it, ever. And can you blame him? I told him we could put it into a quilt someday.

Malachi also moved downstairs with the other boys, so now it's all three of them in there whispering and giggling till all hours of the night. Ky sleeps in the loft bed (the others are in the bunk bed to the left of the frame).

Oh, Sebastian. What am I going to do with that boy? He's so interesting and so funny. Here he is with his camera disassembled (by no means an unusual state for it to be in, but he was quite proud of this geometric lineup of parts).

I was tickling him one time and he was desperately trying to wiggle away. While he struggled, he gasped out urgently, "Mommy! It has become necessary—to dissolve—the political bands—which have connected us—one to another!"
He's been making these 3-D paper mazes lately. This one, having been spray-painted gold, was particularly fancy.

He's also been going through a pronounced airplane-loving phase, and making tons of airplane models. Some are pure paper and others start with twigs or sunflower stems from outside which he then covers with tape and paints.
His drawings have been more on the technical side lately—engines and diagrams and schematics.

He's often playing airplane on his bike—I hear him narrating and making intercom announcements from the cockpit as he rides by. Sometimes he takes his sisters on rides.

Abe lived out one of his lifelong dreams when he got to go find some real bears in Southern Utah. He went with my mom and a group that tracks and tags black bears and their cubs. Didn't find any cubs this year, unfortunately, but he had a great time with his grandma anyway (and he got to pet a sleeping bear!).

He likes bears of all kinds. "Do you like gummi bears?" I asked him. "Yes, but I like them better in vast quantities," he replied.

Another time we were looking at a display of stuffed bears in a store. As we lifted them, the whole pile started to fall over. "Aaaa!" yelped Abe. "Bear Collapsation without representation!"

The little ones got to join in on one of the songs at Seb and Abe's Children's Choir Concert. They accepted this responsibility with great solemnity. Marigold especially.

This tiny snowman was made by Seb and Daisy, I think.

These two play together constantly. They have their own little language and everything makes them laugh. We had a unit on Shakespeare months ago, and they still reference it often. Some of their funniest moments lately have been Shakespeare-inspired:

"This is Romeo and Juliet," said Daisy as she played with some little animals the other day. "And they're married, because they just…waited a few more minutes! And Romeo dumped out his poison in a sink that he saw!"

(Daisy, getting ready to swordfight): I challenge you to a…to a…to a EEL!

(Then, after being struck by Junie): "A hit, a very purpable hit!"

And did I already write about when Junie got a candy eyeball at the dentist or something? She held it up to me slyly and said "'Eye', there's the rub!"

Oh, they are so funny.

Junie loves to present elaborate "dance" programs for whoever will watch.

Some things she has said lately:

Junie: Smell Oinker. [her stuffed pig]
Me: Does he smell good?
Junie: Yes. Good and kind of…hammy.

Me: Soon you'll be in school too!
J: I already know what 'flabbergasted' means.

Do moths kill you if you touch them?

And sometimes she wears gloves on her feet.

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