Sleepy babies

Babies are so sweet when they are sleeping, and especially when they're sleeping ON you. Before I had a phone that took pictures I never got to document this phenomenon, so now that I often have the phone camera handy I am making up for lost time. Most of these were taken during March, and now Theo already looks older (*sniff*).

The picture on the left is Theo at one day old, and the picture on the right is Abe at one day old. I think they look alike. (The picture in the middle is the one Sam drew for Abe's birth announcement.)
Speaking of birth announcements, I would like to note that we sent out joint ones for Theodore and Marigold. As if they were little twins. Goldie won't be two till May, and I'm sure there's something in Emily Post about "any time before the second birthday"…right? :)
This is Sam's drawing of baby Goldie for the announcement
And this is little Teddy. I love both these drawings so much! Sam captured Teddy's wide-eyed, wondering, thoughtful expression so well. He looks like this all the time. What are you thinking about, baby dear??
And one last picture, of his tiny little hand around my finger. Oh, I love him so much!


  1. Having a baby sleeping on you is definitely one of life's greatest highlights. Unless you need to go to the bathroom. But it's still wonderful. I love the joint birth announcement. Sweet little babes.

  2. Sometimes that's all I can manage to say -- just an exclamation of "Oh I love him so much!" (or her, as the case may be). The absolute bigness of it sort of takes my breath away and renders me wholly incapable of trying to express it in any other words because the right ones simply do not exist.


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