I've been taking these daisy pictures since even before our Daisy was born. But I have to admit, I like them even more with her in them. And I still think Daisy is one of the best names ever. Who could dislike a bright, cheerful, friendly little Daisy? (Or a sweet, strong, vibrant little Juniper, for that matter?) 

We were so happy to find the daisies out when we went on a walk Sunday, so of course we stopped and played—you might even say frolicked—in them. The only difficult part was stopping the girls from picking bouquets to take home. I sympathize. I was a mad flower-picker myself, when I was young. I remember getting in lots of trouble for climbing over the back fence and picking a bunch of flowers from my neighbor's yard. And then selling them. To her. (I think that last part surely must have been my friend Erin's idea, though!) :)
Spontaneous Sound of Music pose
Hey, how did a Marigold get in here?

A little Junie.
I love my little flower girls!


  1. Yes. That name. It's just . . . so great (and I have no idea why so many people are too timid to up and claim it for their child . . . instead only weakly daring claim it for their small dogs. Haha! Seriously though, I've run into far far more small dogs than actual humans named Daisy, Goldie and Penny!)

  2. Nancy: Yes! Or cows!! For goodness sake.

  3. Ha! That was Mike's mom's feeble attempt at deterring us from "Daisy" (I don't think she's loved most of our names). She said it was the name of a dairy cow. I still hold with "cutest name ever". And hey, now Mike us trying to pull this same nonsense with saying no to Clover! A draft horse, he says. Grrr.

  4. My friend Andrea (she lives up your way, you two should meet sometime) just named her baby (#7!) Clover. I think it is ADORABLE. Draft horse, hmmph!


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