Sunday Walk and Clouds

I've loved all this rain we've been getting. I feel like we live in Portland or Seattle, and everything is so green! I like it when we have morning sun and then an afternoon or evening storm that blows in with its huge, majestic clouds. I love the downpours and the thunder and lightning, too. But those clouds! They are so beautiful. These are the type of skies we usually have in August, so it seems especially nice to have them again earlier in the year, with the whole summer still ahead.
Anyway, we had a break in the rain, so some of us went on a walk Sunday, including my little twins here. If I don't buy them matching clothes, they usually contrive to match somehow anyway (using makeshift outfits from other peoples' closets). Cuties. Here they are before setting off.

Ladybugs on our tree
More pretty clouds
See those green hills? What is this, Switzerland?
Japanese iris
These are coots, I think. They had babies. Here, you can look at them more closely:
Cute! Cute coots.
So green! Such a pretty sky! I love this Spring.


  1. Even better than WA because, while it rained often, it rarely really rained hard -- with thunder and lightning and all the trimmings. Just lots and lots of drizzle (which still made for gorgeous green, but wasn't nearly as exciting). But yes, thus spring is tge greenest and prettiest i remember!

    Also, love the girls' dresses.

    Also, pill bugs for you then? It's like soda and pop. They've always been potato bugs for us, but I've heard plenty of pill bugs, rolly pollies, and even the very unromantic "sow bug". Somehow this reminds me of how we used to call flip flops "thongs" when i was young; but that would never do now, Never never.

  2. Haha, Nancy, it is funny you noticed that. It was always potato bugs for me too! But Sam calls them pillbugs, and my sister-in-law from Idaho says potato bugs are very different things, so I've just gradually learned to say pillbugs instead. (Just like I learned to say N-chilada instead of ON-chilada, after merciless mocking from college friends. I guess my mom pronounced it the French way. :)) But it never feels quite right.

    And we called flip-flops 'thongs' too!

  3. That was referring to the pronunciation of "enchilada", in case it wasn't clear. :)


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