I'm always so glad when we have a warm Halloween. It seems like we've been lucky for several years now! The trees were at their golden best, and after the sun went down I sat in my short sleeves out on the porch with Theodore to watch the trick-or-treaters going by. It was lovely.

Abe didn't go out trick-or-treating this year, and we never got around to getting Theodore dressed up either! But Abe did put Theo in a bucket. Theo didn't seem to mind.
Malachi was an astronaut, like last year. He was serious, very serious.

Although I did get a few giggles out of him.
Seb was a gorilla. He makes a good gorilla. They're very gentle, you know.
Daisy had all kinds of grand schemes for what she wanted to be: a butterfly, Baymax, a ballet dancer! But I talked her into being the panda so she could match—and have Goldie as her baby. Oh how I love these panda bear suits. They have served us so well over the years!

Junie wanted to be a piggy, and my mom came through with the cutest pink suit for her. She also wore the little snout and tail I crocheted way back in 2010 for this.
She's such a cutie.
And that wraps up Halloween for another year!

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