Red Butte Garden and Delightful Goldie

Now that Sam doesn't work downtown, we haven't gone to Red Butte Garden as much as we used to…but we managed to get up there for a picnic one day when the weather was still warm. I always love the textures there in Fall and Winter.

On another note---I'm having lots of conversations like this one with Goldie these days:
Me: What are you doing, Goldie?
Her: Toeing.
Me: Toeing?
Her: No, Fff-tooing.
Me: Tooing? Chewing? Moving?
Her: No, TOOOOO-wing!
(I turn to look at her with a bowl and spoon in her hand, mixing something).
Her: Yes, ftooing.

We also particularly like several words she says. Our favorite is GALALA for "gorilla." And we also love her tendency to end "-er" words with "y" instead. For example: water bottle is watty body. The cute otters we saw at the aquarium were cute cute otteys! and honey butter is honey buddy. Oh how we wish we could just snatch up her cuddly little self and smother her with kisses (which we frequently DO)—but she's got far too much on her plate to put up with it for long.

Anyway, a few more garden pictures:

Goldie holding forth about some subject or other

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  1. Oh! I just had a flash back! I'm pretty certain my own little Goldie used to call her bottle a body! I suppose it might have been Penny . . . , but it's fun to say it was both of our Goldie's.


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