E, F, G, H, I

I've been wanting and wanting to write about our trip to London and Berlin, but it's been taking me a long time to sort through and edit all the pictures we took! Besides which I feel a sort of moral obligation to get all these drafts of other various unfinished posts out of the way first. Anyway, these alphabet weekends are all combined into one post because none of them were very elaborate! Which, of course, is the key to us doing them at all, when things get busy.
E was for Empanadas. We went to a place that got good reviews on Yelp and did something I've always wanted to do: ordered one of everything on the menu! It's kind of a small place and when all nine of us trooped in there I was worried we'd be overwhelming. But besides having to sit at three different tables, it was fine. The owner was super nice (he has 10 kids himself, he said!) and we loved everything we tried. I can't even remember which kinds we liked best, so if we go again I'm afraid we'll just have to order everything again! :)
F was for Frites. We've liked this place in Salt Lake for years now but other Saturday events brought us to Provo, so we went to the new location on Center Street. We bought a huge cone-full of fries and shared it. And then another one and shared it too (we should have known one wouldn't be enough). And we tried six different sauces, of course.

G was for Goldie. Everyone was supposed to do something fun with Goldie sometime during the day. It was kind of a busy day and this meant we could fit our activities in between other duties. I let Goldie help me make muffins ("schloclate muffins") at breakfast time.
Abe let Goldie help him make a smoothie.
Sebby took her on a walk.
Ky let her play a game with him in his bed.
Daisy and Junie took her to a playground.
Daddy got her up after bedtime to have ice cream with him.
Needless to say, everyone loved this.
H was for Ha ha ha. We all had to come up with something funny ("One very amusing thing, two somewhat amusing things, or three not very amusing at all." Just kidding. There was no numeric requirement.) and have it ready for Sunday. On Sunday we went on a picnic and told each other all our funny things. It was great. Sam read a bunch of jokes. I read selections from our books of funny things the kids said when they were little. Abe made some funny documents—applications for things, and patents for new inventions, and so forth. He is so clever. I thought I got a picture but I can't find it! Sebby drew a comic strip. Malachi told a funny story. Daisy drew some funny pictures and Junie and Marigold laughed heartily at everything everyone else did! :)

I was for Indian Food. We tried a new Indian restaurant for lunch and it was yummy. Our favorite place is still Bombay House, but we liked this new one too, and it's always good to try something different.

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  1. So much fun! Thank you for continuing to share! I'm going to have to try that empanada place. (Also looking forward to your trip posts.) :)


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