Sam and I went to the gardens at Thanksgiving Point on our honeymoon (we also went to San Diego, but this was on the way to the airport) so I've always had a soft spot for them—besides the fact that I love flower gardens in general, of course. But, as a certified crowd-avoider, I've never actually been during their "Tulip Festival." We always end up going a couple weeks afterward, saying to ourselves, "surely it will still be pretty." And it IS always pretty, but this year we braved the crowds on what we thought would be a slow Tuesday afternoon. It was PACKED. But the tulips were also quite spectacular—much more plentiful and at their peak than any remnants we've ever seen in previous years. I was so glad we went!

It's June now, but I'm sneaking this post in on a date closer to the time it actually happened, since it took me forever to get the pictures uploaded and I like things in their proper order! :)

These yellow-orange tulips miiiiight be my favorite, if I had to pick a favorite.

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