Cathy's farm

My dear friend and midwife, Cathy, moved over to the other side of the mountains awhile ago. She had been only five minutes away, and we were so sad when she moved, but we were excited about her new place. We'd be nearly neighbors if it weren't for those mountains in between! But although it's a bit of a drive now, it is GORGEOUS out where she lives—rural and open and heavenly, and of course she makes anyplace feel like home. When we heard that she was getting a baby pig, it was the perfect excuse to go visit!
Here's Tillie, the pig. Isn't she cute? She was just getting used to things the day we were there, and she was very young—but she'd grown SO fast! This is what she'd looked like just a few weeks earlier:
(Midwife Sara took this picture)
Junie, who'd been hoping to scoop up and cuddle the baby pig, was instead a teeny bit nervous about Tillie, who was making enthusiastic oinking noises at her. But she was still very, very happy to be visiting a real pig!

Hi Tillie!
It was an unexpected bonus to find that Cathy had gotten a bunny, too! We all held him and cuddled him and loved him. Such a sweet little snuggler. We wanted to take him home with us!
It was a lovely day and of course we had to go out and visit the goats. They have this nice little shelter which they like to actually climb up on top of! It's very surprising to see a goat on a roof. But the girls headed right for it too, so I guess it's not that hard to scale. :)
I thought Goldie might be scared of the goats (she's in a very nervous-about-dogs phase) but she wasn't a bit. She was totally thrilled to be playing with them. She was surprisingly calm about the dog, too, actually.
It's SO beautiful out there!
Malachi was lamenting that Cathy didn't have any chickens, and she said there were some baby chicks over at C-A-L Ranch, so we of course had to stop there on our way home. The chicks were SO cute! Fluffy and fat and crowding up together like a jar full of fwuffballs.
The ducks were darling, too.
We asked an employee if Ky could hold one of them and he said yes! Ky was SO HAPPY. He held the chicks so tenderly and communed with them, spirit-to-spirit, I'm pretty sure.
It's so lovely to go somewhere new, and see old friends, all at the same time. Cathy said that in a month she will have some lambs for us to visit, so…we'll be back!

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