Easter and Bunnies

Well, there's no way around it: this post is just going to be roughly six million pictures of babies and bunnies. They aren't strictly Easter pictures, having been taken the Sunday AFTER Easter (though, reliable sources inform me, that next Sunday actually IS still part of Easter in the liturgical calendar!)…but they will suffice. As I've said before, one of the best reasons for HAVING a bunny is to take pictures of him! The other good thing is that all the children WANT to have their pictures taken with Nutmeg, which balances out (somewhat!) their Natural, God-given desires to squirm and jab each other in the ribs and make faces and look anywhere but where the camera is. Any little bit helps.
I used the term "babies" rather loosely above. Some of them could more rightly be called Great Hulking Beasts.
Tall! So tall!
Aw. So snuggly. Who says teenagers aren't cute?!

Which is easier, holding a bunny or holding a baby? I won't reveal the answer, but Seb could tell you.
Malachi could tell you too.
The boys. A handsome lot. They make a fine family group, all on their own!
But, what a blessing to have this little flower starting off the girl group!
Hmm. Kind of an odd flower.
Showing off the gap from her newly-missing tooth! She lost the other one a few days later.
Oh, Junie. Her dress was my favorite.
This Goldie is pretty darling too, if you can get her to stop lifting up her dress long enough to take a picture.
If we're going in order of age, I guess Nutmeg comes next! My goodness, he's grown into a handsome bunny! Though I do miss the little brown fwuffball he used to be. He tricked us into thinking he was a brown bunny, but now so much of him is black! Oh, well. We like him all the same.

Oh, I know, there are more pictures of this bunny than of some of the children! The bunny was more compliant at times, honestly, which is saying something. But it wore him out, all this picture-taking. 
Yum. Carrots.
Are these carrots for babies? Theo looks to his Daddy to find out.
Theo was mostly happy when in his Daddy's arms, really. When Sam put him down he looked more like this:
Or sometimes like this: 
The fearsome hunter stalks his prey! And what is his prey?
Oh. This little furry friend.
They really do love each other, these two. Nutmeg has a soft spot for babies. He used to let Goldie catch him like this, too, before hopping away just out of reach, but then nosing toward her and letting her get him again.
Theo also found it entertaining when we tried to get him to stand up. This isn't something real people do!, he seemed to think. But it did amuse him.
He even managed to stay in place for a second or two, though he thought it was a strange sensation.
And then he would fall down and laugh uproariously.
Oh, wait. Did you notice the dimple sufficiently?
We did attempt a few group shots. Yes, there was fighting. Yes, there were forced smiles. Photoshop was involved. But by George, if I'm going to go to all the trouble of HAVING seven children and a bunny, I'm going to line them up and force them to pose together every now and then!
I suppose that's quite enough for one day. Happy Easter!
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  1. Love seeing all seven of them together in their perfectly springy colors. And yes, if we are going to go to the trouble of birthing all those babies, so help us they darn well better cram together for a picture every once in a while!

  2. You and Sam have grown absolutely beautiful babies AND big hulking beasts! <3


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