The sun is the same in a relative way but you're older

We've been having Easter Egg hunts at Grandma's house for years now. We always use real eggs (hard-boiled) and we always hide a yellow one in the forsythia, like this:
(that goes way back to when _I_ was a little girl finding eggs!).
It's oddly comforting to do the same thing, with the same cast of characters, so many times. There's always the bemused baby:
(He has some maraca eggs at home, so when he found this one he immediately started shaking it vigorously, thinking it would make noise. He seemed slightly disappointed that it didn't.)

Then there are the Serious Finders:
And the proud little person who wants to show off every egg.
But then, there are changes, too. The Lanky, Humoring Boy is a new addition I'm quite fond of. It is very strange that someday he WON'T be doing this with us, and we WON'T have the accustomed cast of characters. But it makes me melancholy to think of it, so I'm not going to.
The girls' dolls had bunny outfits to wear for the occasion.
And of course there's the matching person-sized suit.
Seb caught the ball on his kendama about four times out of eight hundred, to great acclaim (it was new and no one was any good at it yet).
This baby held onto my foot.
The violets were out (my favorite…along with daisies and marigolds and roses and daffodils and a few others).
Daisy had a loose tooth she could NOT leave alone. She wiggled it incessantly. Finally at the end of the day, Grandma (of course) pulled it out for her. I used to HATE it when my mom did that to me! But that never stopped her. She couldn't bear to let those loose teeth linger! Still can't, apparently. :)
It snowed the next day, so we were extra glad to have had a mild Easter. And here's Daisy with that missing front tooth!

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