I used to try to only write amusing things on this blog (one very amusing thing, two somewhat amusing, or three not very amusing at all), thinking I would save the most mundane and indulgent posts—the posts only a doting auntie could love—for the other blog. But I seem to have mostly failed in that attempt, since I'm basically writing everything here these days, and everything seems to have gotten all mixed. Anyone who has made it through those multi-part Rome posts practically IS a doting auntie (honorary) by now anyway. So, I may give up the struggle.

And to prove it, here is cute Junieberry on her first day of kindergarten. She doesn't go AWAY to kindergarten, mind you, but I have a dear little collection of these first-day pictures, and it seems a shame to put a stop to them just because school happens at home these days!
Piggy backpack
On her second day of school, she trotted out to the front door, saying, "Now take my SECOND day of kindergarten pictures!" How could I refuse?
So bright and sweet, this little Juniper! She's pure joy and it feels right to have her officially joining our school!

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  1. She seems so much like a beautiful blond version my Evie who went to kindergarten this year. What a sweetheart!


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