In spite of everything, this little Teddy-bear keeps getting bigger. I feel like it's been a lifetime since he was born. I feel like that tiny, sweet, goo-ing and coo-ing baby was a whole different person than this…well, this whatever-he-is. Because I'm sorry to say I don't understand him, not one bit. He jabbers SO much, in a very pontificating and know-it-all-ish sort of way, setting forth opinions and interrupting conversations with a slight touch of condescension in his voice. It's a bit alarming since he ISN'T SAYING REAL WORDS. But he's so sure of himself you start to question your own sanity, especially when you let yourself relax and be carried along on the wave of his discourse, because suddenly you start hearing phrases like "It isn't your job to be so loud right now, Ky," and "Daisy's putting a tennis racket back there in the carseat" and "One, two, three, away we go! Whee!" Things he couldn't POSSIBLY be truly saying…could he??

Oh, but he was the very sweetest of babies—did I mention that? And then about nine months ago imagine our confusion when he became a straining, screaming, slavering gremlin—"Surely our baby has been replaced by a little changeling imp!" we thought. "Maybe when he learns to walk and talk he will feel more himself again."

Well, now he is walking, at last. And…I suppose one might label some of his imperious pronouncements "talking." But he's still a mystery, as most babies end up being, after all. Desperately hopeful, whenever Sam's around, that he might be afforded a prime seat in Sam's arms to be carried about the house in. Shy and boisterous and serious and silly. Mad and demanding and sensitive and sweet. Bossy and offended and monkeyish and adoring. I don't know how we ever got along without him!

Scary monkey-walk
This is a very familiar face
Theodore really does quite adore Sebby, and it's no wonder because Seb is SO sweet to him. Seb will walk him around and talk to him, and read stories to him and let Theo "help" him with little jobs around the house. We are all very grateful when Seb takes it upon himself to cajole Theo out of a bad mood!
Such pretty eyes these boys have!
Another familiar face—sniffy and teary and a bit accusing
Teddy does love Malachi, too
Sunday Twins

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