Oh, and . . .

Megan asked me to do a post on her blog today about things I love.  Or would love.  Whatever.

Anyway, you know me; always happy to oblige! 

Did you know Megan is Utah Valley's leading expert on Food-Borne Illness?  It's true.  She NEVER leaves foods between 40 and 140 degrees out for more than two hours.  Bless her heart.


  1. You know, the food-borne illness jokes never get old! They just don't!

  2. It were a good post. Very clever, as usual.

  3. Fester is always lurking... Just waiting for an opportunity to, you know, infest things.

    You're a fine figger of a woman.

  4. I'm trying to hard to be clever and sitting here not typing.


    I won't be clever.

    I loved it!

  5. "too" hard, not "to" hard.
    because I know you will notice.
    and that's me. Jena. Weird to see Miggie do instead of theflanfam. Hmm.

  6. Oh, dang If only I'd read that before last night. I'd have given you three hugs instead of just the two. I was so frazzled last night, words couldn't get out of my mouth quickly enough for the reparte - but I would have given you that for a present, if I hadn't freaked out about making paper wreaths.

    I love this list. Most of all, I love the way you notice the tiny absurdities - and the flavors - that you'd pick that figger phrase out the way someone else would pick out a flower or a pair of socks, and stuff it in your bag and carry it with you - along with the Coach Williams voice. Perhaps you just wish you knew enough people who'd understand if you SAID the clever by half thing -

    I pondered the other night, instead of sleeping of course, the many practical uses of the word "dem" as a euphemism.

    I think I chose the word "awake" in answer to Meg's single word for the year proposal, but I think you already took it. I see it every day in the things you choose to write about, and to read - and in the loveliness of your countenance. I think I never did have what you have - and if I'd had it, I've almost lost it now, somehow.

    Anyway, it's a lovely list.

  7. I want you to join my book group and meet me and become one of my dearest friends. I read your 14 things post on Meg's blog and then had to call my poor internet-less sister to read it to her. The Oscar Wilde one . . . that was the clincher. Then I had to read almost all your past posts. You're hilarious. Just thought I'd let you know since I'm bound to be lurking for some time.


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