On the hill's shoulder

  A springful of larks in a rolling
Cloud and the roadside bushes brimming with whistling
  Blackbirds and the sun of October
   On the hill’s shoulder. 
That Dylan Thomas, he's something.  And you know what else was something?  These aspen trees.  I was astonished to see RED and ORANGE aspens among the usual golds up the canyon.  I didn't know such a thing was possible!  I sent Sam scrambling up hill and down gully to retrieve me a single leaf from each tree for closer inspection, because I couldn't believe my eyes.  But indeed, they were all aspens---just multicolored.  Amazing.
 Orange!  Orange!  Orange!

 A few golds, with oranges and reds mixed in

 This is more what I expect to see: bright yellows and golds!


  1. We hiked Stewart Falls as a family last weekend. LONGEST hike of my life. Clara's legs are just too short to go at a decent pace.

  2. I love that you can be so moved by color. We are kindred spirits.

  3. WHich canyon? I've seen them do this before - maybe it was before you were born (smirk). I am so grateful to you for shooting these - with the last few weeks' chaos, we didn't get to go up the high trail to see the gold. The red satisfied my soul - mostly - but you know that feeling - drawn there, terrified of missing it. Which I have done. Except for you.

  4. K: Little Cottonwood. Do you think it's the soil or something? Or the specifics of the weather?


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