American Fork Canyon

While we were waiting for Abe at choir one week, we took a drive up American Fork Canyon. The leaves were brilliant and half-fallen, which makes for the best pictures: washes of color on the ground and in the trees! It was gorgeous. We stopped at several different areas up and down the road to play in the leaves and throw rocks in the stream. What a perfect afternoon.
Daisy says "ta-da!" (Nobody knows why)
We saw this cute fuzzy caterpillar.

I love leaves in the water.

And the yellow light it catches from the yellow sky.

Seb helps Junie walk. She didn't want to be helped, but she kept falling down and tripping over everything and trying to cast herself into the stream. Without success, I might add, but not for lack of effort on her part.

Sun through leaves

The leaf-carpet was so thick here!

And the colors had hardly dulled. These must have just fallen.

Volcano erupting

I love the flares of light that come through at different spots under the trees as you walk

Such vibrant colors. Almost neon lights.
Someone in this picture is mad at being contained.
Ah, that's better!

Boys finding things. I love the dramatic contrast between the cool light and the warm light in this picture.

She found some things too!

This baby is finally pleased about something. Pleased with herself for sitting on this log, I think.


  1. Argh--I absolutely must get out of the house this week and find some leaves to play in!

  2. My problem is that I lose my heart in images like this. All those leaves on the ground, brilliantly colored still - the patterns of shadow lace against the brilliance of that color - the woods, the water - I want to go and live there and stay there, and have that cottage I showed you and never leave. Leaf. Leave. Hmmm. I almost don't want to go see it - like visiting puppies, knowing you can't take one home with you. I yearn.


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