Sunday Drive--Big Cottonwood Canyon

On our drive Sunday, we swung by Silver Lake just on the off-chance we might find a parking place so we could walk around (it's staggeringly crowded in the Fall)---and we found not only a parking place, but some of our favorite friends there too. It felt like such serendipity. And the lake was still utterly beautiful, even though we'd been there a few days earlier as well. It changes every day, it seems.
It was kind of chilly, and threatening to rain. Daisy was wearing a paint shirt we had in the car to keep her warm.

Afterwards we drove up the north fork (just kidding, I don't know what it's really called). The cloudy skies and intermittent rain made everything so changeable and lovely. The trees seemed to change color with the light.
Patch of sun
Faint rainbow over the mountain!

Farther down, we saw more reds---some very bright!

Love this avalanche of yellow


  1. Staggeringly popular in the fall.

  2. Oh - I love it when the aspens put on red and yellow, too. If I say "stunning," "gorgeous," "brilliant." in reference to these images - and that family, and our canyons = it would simply be redundant. So I won't. Because there really are no words that come close.


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