Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fall, Mesa Verde, Tram, Scenery

Who would have thought there would be such lovely Fall colors in New Mexico? Well, anyone who knew anything about the place, obviously. But I was surprised.

More Fall leaves

Mesa Verde is such a surprising, interesting place!


Hotels are fun

The tram, and the beautiful view from the top

Sam follows Junie around

Daisy smiles




  1. I have pictures from the time when Gin was A's age and Chaz was little older than Daisy. Of the cliff dwellings. I remember restoring one of those shots, very carefully working through the system of buildings, bringing out every detail I could - such mystery. Oh, Daisy - she is so beautiful, and so like you - deep minded and verbal. All of them. I am so grateful that you go places and do things and the children's view of the world is wide and full of glory.