Dot, dot, dot

I love polka dots and I love my little matching girls. They are so close to the same size now that I don't even bother putting Daisy's clothes away when she grows out of them---I just hand them right down to Junie. And they are starting to look more alike as Junie's hair grows. They both go to nursery at church now (different nurseries, though, as we have the second-biggest Primary in the church---or so I heard. :) Over 150 kids!) and they are starting to remind me of each other in their little expressions and mannerisms. Junie is definitely her own woman, though, and I'm just as delighted and baffled by her emerging personality as I am by Daisy's. They are both so funny and unpredictable!
I love the way Junie is standing here; I'm not sure why.
And one more: Daisy ready for church in her Sunday coat.


  1. Your Daisy is certainly beautiful and that Junie is so cute. Love the dresses!

  2. Love the dresses! Where did you get them?

  3. Andrea: I got them at Target! Hooray.

  4. I am grinning down to the tip of my wagging tail. What a couple of impish cupcakes.

  5. They are totally twins! I love it! I can't believe how grown up they are getting.


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