Halloween Creatures

I told the children that this year everyone had to wear a Halloween costume we already had. It meant that we had some pant-legs that were a few inches too short (and some that had to be rolled up to make them shorter)---but it also meant we could just get the costumes out on the afternoon of Halloween without doing any preparation at all. Hooray!

Two cute monkeys . . . 

And two cute panda bears. (Here are their predecessors.)

Baby monkey. (She's not the first either.)

It was such a nice day that we decided to go the playground to play while we waited for dark.
Lovely Fall grasses!

One monkey climbed, and the other wished she could climb.

A friendly bear took pity on her.

These little panda bears are SUCH friends. They were so cute together. I kept hearing Daisy call, "Pandy? Pandy!" to Malachi.

Headless panda.

Junie found this little box on the ground. She then meticulously filled it up with crabapples.
She was very serious about it.

Afterwards, she took them home and baked things with them in her little kitchen.
She didn't actually eat any . . . that I know of.


  1. Cute! Did you make all those costumes?
    Rachael told me you are homeschooling now. I want to get together and compare notes...er, visit. I actually dreamed that I had a really long list of things to talk to you about. When I woke up I realized it was actually only one thing.

  2. I am so late - after all the broken branches and the inexplicable bustling - Gin will be here with the entire family for about fifteen minutes on Wednesday - up for a wedding - and I've looked at the first picture in this piece about eight times, running along, on my way out the door. These pictures are SO ADORABLE. The pandas in the autumn grasses - the pandas together. ALL THE ANIMALS. I love each one of them, ankles showing or not. We had a big plastic trash can full of old clothes from the grandparents and costumes that came from G's past and all kind s of belts and scarves and stuff - and it was a patchwork frenzy for costuming at our house.

    I love those grasses.


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