August Skies

I love August so much. I feel like the prettiest clouds are often in August, and I love all the things that go with the August weather: afternoon thunderstorms and huge looming clouds on the horizon, and sunsets and sunrises that rim the cloud-edges with gold and pink, and, often, hints of smoke in the air that make everything change color just slightly. 

Seb has lately become fascinated with cumulonimbus clouds, and every time we go anywhere he's asking, do we think that's a cumulonimbus cloud? What about that? That one doesn't look quite tall enough, but that one's top is spreading out, so do we think that is one? I'm sorry to admit that I said to Sam in a fit of exasperation, "If I have to hear the word cumulonimbus one more time I'm going to scream!" The next day as we walked home from church I saw Sam discreetly take Sebby aside and murmur something quietly in his ear while pointing at the sky. He was considerately trying to keep me from following through on my threat, but he just couldn't bring himself to pass up an opportunity to point a cumulonimbus out to Seb. Luckily I was over it by then, because there were many more cumulonimbi yet to come. Sam, as you know, is really nerdy about clouds too, so you can't really blame Seb for it. :)

I'm sorry to say I can only provide one cumulonimbus, but here are some beautiful pictures of the recent August skies. So, so beautiful!!

Early evening---I love that slanting sun on the white stone
Pink beams
These two look like negatives of each other---the orange on the blue, the blue on the orange. Both sunsets.
Storm clouds (yes, cumulonimbus!) over Timpanogos. I love how there is a whole rainbow of colors 
in this sky--->ground gradient.


  1. We studied clouds last year and I have already forgotten everything I learned and taught about them. Pretty though.

  2. Andrea: Well, if you want to engage in some cumulonimbus speculation, Sebby's your man.


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