Someone, who shall remain nameless, cut her own and her sister's hair. There was great weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth (I hadn't known I was so attached to their hair, but seeing it all uneven and shorn just made me fall apart) and then at last the hair genius at the salon (I wanted to hug her) transformed them into these sweet little angels again. Daisy looks like a stylish young lady, and I think little pixie Junie is just darling; the haircut really suits her! So maybe it was all for the best, and anyway I'm no longer crying into my pillow about it. (That only lasted one night, really.)

And here they are playing chess. No, they do not know how to play chess. But has that ever stopped anyone around here?


  1. They look adorable. Maybe I can get her over here to cut my hair.

  2. Do we get to see pictures from before the salon? :) They do look adorable.

  3. May I direct you to some pertinent blog posts:


    and most excitingly:

    In other news when I see Emeline's baldy head it makes me want to keep my hair short. Then I think that is boring and want to grow it out. Why can't I know my own mind on this matter??

  4. cute and funny!*

    *the chess part is funny not the hair

  5. I just noticed now that Daisy's shoes are on the wrong feet, which really makes her look like a leaping frog in the jumping picture. I am not surprised, however.


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