Abe gives the Gettysburg Address

Abe and I both memorized the Gettysburg Address this summer, and in honor of its 150th Anniversary today, I'm posting this video. I love the Gettysburg Address! The two younger boys know large chunks of it, but they can't get through the whole thing without help.

I think I had memorized this before, at least partially, sometime in the distant past, and of course it's all really familiar to me, but it was surprisingly hard to move from there to actually having it truly memorized. It's that last section---with all its "rather for us" and "for us the living, rather" and "to be dedicated here" and "to be here dedicated"---that really gets me. Abe and I were in gales of laughter as he tried to help me get it. And I finally did, and so did he. I think he does such a great job reciting this; he really gives the sense of the words as well as the words themselves. Which is good, because I feel like my Abraham ought to have a special bond with the words of Abraham Lincoln.

Here he is, wearing his Abe Lincoln beard and Daisy's magician hat from last year---which doesn't quite fit his head---but it adds a nice touch. :)


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