Half a year is better than none

Bright, wide-eyed little baby Goldie! She can't be awake for five minutes without someone picking her up and hugging her. We can hardly believe it's been six months since she joined us---but then, we can also hardly believe there ever wasn't a little Goldielocks to cuddle and love. We made a cake for her half-birthday (Angel Food for our little angel, not that she got any of it) and the other kids insisted that we should dim the lights, sing, blow out a candle, the whole works. They love, love, love their Marigoldie and she loves them too!
This is such a typical look for her---wide eyes, raised eyebrows, an expression of great interest. She smiles the instant you make eye contact, but it's hard to make her laugh---a nearly silent, open-mouthed *erk* is the most we can usually get from her, even with our most hilarious tricks. Not that that stops us from trying!

She most dearly loves to eat her own feet. I love it when babies do that.

We love this girl!

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  1. I am happy to say that, while I have had my share of beautiful, brilliant, interesting babies and have seen hoards of other people's - your Goldie is the most good natured, responsive, consistently cooperative little person I have EVER had the privilege to know. I enjoyed my conversation with her very much and was sad that grown-up (if not mature) business pulled me away from it. All of yours are exceptional, but I am thinking she might be one of the most so. She left me deeply impressed.


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