Bunny Mama and Bunny Baby

Marigold is the right size for this bunny suit. And she's SO cute in it! You know how I am about bunnies.

So many pictures! I just can't restrain myself.

Then to make matters worse, Daisy wore MY BUNNY SUIT my mom made me when I was her age. I wore this bunny suit _everywhere_. Daisy is adorable in it.

So then there were two bunnies, and Daisy insisted on carrying "her baby" around everywhere.

Sometimes to the baby's slight dismay.

I suppose now that I've come this far I might as well show the rest of the furry family. The two pandas made a double-repeat appearance (with different people inside 'em).

This monkey wanted to have his own baby, too.

This elephant made his flexible trunk.

And here they all are together!


  1. This post made my Mexican day!

  2. so cute mommy! I like the two bunnies together!


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