From the kids

A shark for Sam, from Abe
I love the Christmas presents our kids made for us and each other this year! I know some people help their kids make sibling gifts for each other. It sounds lovely, but are you kidding me? I scramble to even get my own presents together in time, and I feel like there is no way I could come up with a bunch of independent projects for them all, plus time to do them in. Maybe someday! But the kids had their own lovely ideas for their parents and each other---trading old toys and making new ones, and there was great secrecy and giggling and wasting of wrapping paper. It was awesome.

Sam got lots of shark things and I got lots of bunny things. It's good to have a favorite animal so people know what to get you! (Although it helps if it's actually your favorite animal instead of one others have sort of assigned to you . . . like Sam's mom and pigs . . . ) Here are some examples:
Abe made me this box full of fuzzy bunnies

Seb made me this informative book about bunnies. My favorite part is how you're supposed to "lift the pages up and down vigorously" to make the bunny hop.

And this little bunny, which you can feed with the cut-out bottle

This lenticular shark was for Sam from Seb

I love this game Abe made for Malachi, modeled after Battleship. (But named "Birdle Find," for Malachi.)

And this pop-up penguin was from Seb to Daisy


  1. I'm with Abraham. I love them all too. But I have to admit that my very fave is the bunny book. I am glowing over the "moving vigorously" (obviously not a direct quote) part - I can't see while I'm writing. Why is that? I can read, but not see the pictures, and I think that offends me, darn it. So I'll have to go back for the others. THEN DO MORE NUMBERS> ARGGGG

  2. Oh- I LOVED the bunny shape that pops out. LOVED it. And I was very reassured to be informed that bunnies are never fierce. Which ones are knokternal, I wonder? And does it have anything to do with entering spaces that are defined by doors at night? I also loved the sharks and the very NOT fierce fuzzy bunnies that leapt, fully grown, from Abe's head. This has leant my day a feeling of satisfaction I thought it would NEVER have.


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