Gift ideas, ages 0-11 years

I can't post these before Christmas, as my kids are avid readers of my blog (and some of the only ones who comment these days . . . hi, Abe!), but I found I really liked having a record of what kinds of things we got for the kids last year, so I'm doing this again. I hope it's useful.

Have I mentioned on this blog how much of a Rubik's Cube whiz Abe has become? He learned how to do the cube from his cousin Andy, and now you rarely see him without one in his hands. He can do it with his eyes closed . . . at least for a few of the steps! It's quite amazing. For his birthday in October, we got him the speed cube, which is way more fun to use, apparently. Easier to turn and so forth. But he couldn't fit it in his pocket for on-the-go cubing (I know!), so for Christmas I got him the cute tiny version so he can take it everywhere with him. He also got this triangle version, which I hoped would keep him challenged for more than . . . an hour . . . but I hoped in vain. He looked up a tutorial online and had it down by lunchtime. He still likes it, though, he says. (Although he is the soul of politeness, so he would say that even if he didn't.)
Abe would also like to show you how magically his shirt changes color in the sun. Abracadabra!

Malachi got this astronaut helmet. I deliberated over it for a long time, as the reviews say the helmet is too big for little kids, and the button sometimes breaks. So far, it's working well for us, though. I got some foam weatherstripping which we stuck inside to make it fit a little better. And he loves playing astronaut SO much, I thought it would be worth it for him. He is wearing these white pajamas which he calls his "space suit." He also got this rocket toy, which is intended for younger ages, but he flies it around while wearing his space helmet and has a great old time.

Seb loves to peruse field guides, especially about rocks and minerals. He got this book as well as a few others. And he also got a version of this 20 Questions game, which is amusing and fun for him, though I think Abe has played with it more than he has. It's great for car rides and other such downtime.
Junie got this dollhouse. It has come apart at the hinges once already, but it's because she hauls it around and drops it occasionally. Nothing a little wood glue can't fix. I love how simple it is, and she puts all kinds of things inside it to play---tiny animals, tiny marbles, tiny cars. Everything is alive to her (and talks in a tiny squeaky voice). Sometimes I'll be doing something else and gradually these squeaking sounds begin to intrude upon my consciousness until they are ALL I CAN HEAR. Squeak squeak! Adorable, to a point. :)
Daisy is the only one that really had a specific thing I knew she wanted---this tiny penguin with a blanket, that matches her other penguins. That and a belt (I got her one like this). She kept telling me how when she grew up and got a job, she was going to buy those things for herself. Easy enough! And she got these headbands for good measure, to keep her bangs out of her eyes. I LOVE the headbands---they are soft and don't squeeze the girls' heads too tight, and they look suitably fancy for church, but not too fancy for everyday.
Oh yes! And her own rock and mineral guide. She likes to keep up with the boys in everything.

Let's not forget Baby Marigold! Or shall we? I kind of did. As the sixth child, she really is the Baby Who Has Everything. I've been known to re-wrap old toys for babies before, but I happened to have this abacus in my gift box, and I thought she might like banging on it, so that's what she got.

Lastly, once I discovered how many cute patterns there are on Etsy and started crocheting things, I just couldn't stop, so I made crocheted animals for all the kids this year. Except Marigold. Sorry, Marigold! I'll make it up to you somehow. 

I learned a lot by making these little things. I feel all bereft now that I'm done, so I'll hopefully find another project to start on soon! And as I'm getting more comfortable with these techniques, I think I might be able to start making up more patterns of my own.
We don't really know if Junie has a favorite animal yet. She likes lots of things. So I kind of arbitrarily made her this tiger. I thought it would be tinier, but it's still cute. She hugs it.
Malachi loves his Birdie so much, but he's sad that his tuft is long gone (Malachi pulled it out bit by bit by carrying Birdie around by the tuft when he was a baby). I figured a twin for Birdie would be an easy enough shape to make, so I just sort of made him up as I went along. I wish I'd made his red head shorter relative to his body, but he does have a tuft! And Malachi loves him.

For Abe, this tiny bear
For Daisy, these penguins---pattern here. In the pattern's picture, the baby is a lot smaller than the Daddy, so I don't know why mine turned out so big. But this one fits some of Daisy's little doll dresses, so I guess it's okay.


  1. So fun to read. Your kids are such cute pies. I loved all your crocheted animals.

  2. HA!! Look!! GInna was HERE. BEFORE ME. And I was going to say - you and Ginna. She did a version of Max's Mama fish that blew me away - crocheted it all out of her little head - or maybe she started with a pattern and changed it, which is not for the faint-hearted. And you know that I am not easily blown away. Except by your children and mine. And Sam. And you. Is that all? Maybe not - but close enough. I love being ushered into the playroom like this, by the way. Makes me happy.


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