I'm sorry, if you don't like lots of pictures of bunnies you should probably click away now. But this furry little bunny-bundle is so much fun. We are having a great time getting to know him!

He and Marigold have a natural affinity for one another. I don't know if the bunny can just tell that she's a baby and is therefore not scary to him? Although, babies can definitely be scary, so I don't know! They are kindred spirits, though.

A blur---running through a toy we made for him


  1. A total charmer. What a face. What faces. I don't know if I could rate the faces you've shown me here from cutest on down, because they all kill me. The only thing I don't love about bunnies is bunny pellets. I wish life were like fiction. No one ever has to make pellets in fiction.

  2. K: He's already trained to use a litter-box, so the pellets aren't a big deal anymore. Especially when you make the kids clean out the litter box.

  3. I'm just so happy that you have a bunny. After all these years!


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