Sunday, January 19, 2014

Ice castle with Grandma

We made a trip to the ice castle, with Grandma this time. We had such a good time and we loved the delicate ice formations! The light was so pretty as it came through the ice, and the colors of the ice changed as the sun went in and out of cloud cover. Beautiful!


I'm sorry, if you don't like lots of pictures of bunnies you should probably click away now. But this furry little bunny-bundle is so much fun. We are having a great time getting to know him!

He and Marigold have a natural affinity for one another. I don't know if the bunny can just tell that she's a baby and is therefore not scary to him? Although, babies can definitely be scary, so I don't know! They are kindred spirits, though.

A blur---running through a toy we made for him

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I had heard someone talking about this ice castle in Midway, so while Sam was home between Christmas and New Year's, we took a trip up there to see it.

We really, really loved it. I think we went at the perfect time of day (we arrived just before 4 pm) because it wasn't very crowded, the sun was out long enough to reflect off the ice in really beautiful ways, and the light was constantly changing. The ice formations reminded me so much of Carlsbad Caverns---doesn't the picture above look just like this?
First of all, a cute baby. We must establish that, first of all.
Now, the eerie, otherworldly, lit-from-within ice. So delicate! So pale! (This does not actually have lights under it. Although at night, some of it does.)
It's pretty amazing to see the size of this thing. You can read about how they made it on their website. It evolves throughout the winter as temperatures change.
I loved these knobby bits, with a light dust of snow on top. 
Here they are closer-up.
Did you remember a cute baby?
I love the different colors the ice changes as the sun passes through it!
Blue shadows underneath. These look like a bunch of canopy beds with curtains hanging down. Or mushrooms.
Looking up at some jagged icicles. This is so abstract, I love it. You could be looking any direction. Or at one ice crystal, microscopic.
A Junie ice-cube.
More knobs. Vertical this time.
A Ky ice-cube!
More scary jagged-ness
Love these tiny, scale-like shapes
Peeking out of an ice canyon
Sunset catches the edges of the ice
Layers of blue
Long, snaky ice-wall

We stopped by the Heber Valley Creamery afterwards, and when we were done, it was dark, so I had Sam take me back and drop me off so I could take another run through the castle and see it in the night time. They have lights beneath the ice in several places, making it glow different colors, and it looks really cool. I stand by my assertion that seeing it in the daylight is even more spectacular, though. Still, these pictures are striking:
We loved this! Go see it yourself! (On a Monday afternoon, when it's cheaper and less crowded.)