Sometimes when the light is really pretty outside I gather everyone up and take photos just so I can look at everyone's pretty eyes and skin. I do SO love my children's eyes (even though I'm disappointed that not ONE of them has inherited my favorite eye color of all, Sam's beautiful brown). They're all sort of in the same greenish range, but they're all different, too.

And I'm glad the aforementioned children are patient with me, even though they sometimes make expressions like this:

or this:

Daisy fell on the sidewalk at my mom's house. For awhile her scrape looked remarkably like a Hitler-moustache. And yet she still managed to be completely sweet-looking.

Some people do not like to be restrained, even by the kindest arms of sisterly love.
Goldie still has the faintest touch of red in her hair. Love it.
I guess I can't choose just one of Goldie.

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