I'm always happy when we have the carwash out. It's one of those things that ties the summers together: at the same time it feels like we just did this, it also makes me think about how tall people are getting or who was wearing that swimming suit last year. And if you have a vague feeling there is someone extra in this picture, you're right. For a couple weeks we've had my cousin's boy Michael with us, which makes all the kids SO happy. It's cute to watch everyone vying for the favored position of playing with Michael or sitting by Michael.
The picture above, though unposed, looks like one of those awkwardly contrived scenes you see in cast pictures for plays. Like this:
And now I will show you several pictures of wet, delicious baby-Goldie skin, and also of that same Goldie gasping when the water hits her. I love babies gasping. 


  1. With all the rainbows I've been seeing in the news and across social media lately it almost looked like your car wash was making a political statement for a second. Teeheehee. And little gasps from little people in water? Yes. So great.

    1. Haha! No political statement intended. :)


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