Picnic and clouds

I know I keep posting pictures of clouds, but wow. There are just so many good ones lately. (I like it when the light comes through the back edge and makes the shadows turn blue, as above.) On Memorial Day we had a picnic at the Thanksgiving Point Gardens, and the sky was so dynamic. There were huge fluffy clouds on one side of the sky, and dark leaning clouds on the other side. It was so nice to walk through the garden under alternating sun and shadow!
Threatening sky to the south (note Theo lying on the picnic blanket all alone. Poor baby.)
Yum, potstickers.

Goldie sometimes does this biting-lip smile. (Oh Junie. What is she doing in the background there? Dancing and singing, probably.)
More of the impending doom to the south, plus a small person
Half-stormy skies!
Goldie's holding herself like she just fell into a pond or something. I don't know why.
So pleased that she can see the waterfall from behind! I don't know why so many of my pictures are of Goldie. Probably because she's the slowest one right now. The older ones are always off ahead somewhere, exploring.
Daisy and Junie. I love these yellow poppies!
Daisy decided it would be nice to hug a column. Maybe you can guess what happened next:
Yes. Goldie and Junie had to hug columns too. And, wow, Abe's legs are getting long!
I loved this moment of contrast, with the dark clouds all around but the sun shining through onto the hill.
More poppies!
As the clouds built themselves up into taller columns, they started to turn into mammatus clouds. I love those!
This is from a day later that week, when the clouds had actually turned into rain. I liked this moment (kind of opposite to the contrast pictured above) when it was pouring over us, but you could see the sunlit clouds in the distance.
It really was raining hard!
Wispy gold clouds far away
And after the rain stopped it was even prettier. I love the lit edges of these clouds, with the softer pinks and lavenders defining the inner texture from the front.

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