Birthdays, Porch Swing, Peeker

The August birthdays came and went. Here's sweet 6-year-old Daisy with her Sebby Cake.
She's such a bright-eyes. Happy. Smart. We love her so much!
Mr. Seb with his cake (not Sebby Cake. Orange Juice Cake. Also good.). He's TEN, if you can believe it. Or even if you can't.

THIS little fellow is tiny and sweet. Look at him clutch that swing chain!

He obliges with a smile most any time you want him too. Sweetie.
Having thought for all this time now that Theo looks most like baby Malachi, I was quite surprised to see how much he looked like little Goldie in these pictures. Beeeeeg eyes!
If you are sitting out on the porch swing at bedtime, blissfully enjoying the fact that half of the family is finally in bed, you may be alarmed to see THIS apparition peeking out at you.

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  1. Love Theo's scrappy little limbs. So cute. And that picture of Goldie peaking out is hilarious.


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