Fiery Sky

Some sunsets from August. And maybe July. And a sunrise just to keep you on your toes.
I posted on Instagram that our house looks like the Arc of the Covenant from Indiana Jones in this picture. Glowing from within!

I liked this—how the two halves of the sky were lit with totally different colors. Some yellow, some pink, just like my children. (Not to mention these pigs.)
Love this. Glowing wall of cloud.
So fiery and pink!

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  1. I'm not nearly as aware of lovely skies as I should be, but I did pause to stare at it for a minute when I took some garbage out last night. I thought how, in 6th grade, my mom let me take an evening painting class. I would always look at skies at that time and think, "Wow. That doesn't look real. If you painted that people would think you were silly and insist those colors and those various clouds would never occur simultaneously."


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