Labor Day Campfire

I always have very mixed feelings on Labor Day. It doesn't really make sense. I love fall, and it's not like winter is such a very large and terrible thing. It has Christmas! And hot chocolate. And snuggling. And it ends, it always ends, and there is spring again. But anyway, Labor Day means I have to face the fact that summer is over, and it feels like a time of thoughtfulness and drawing inward a bit for me, and reflecting on change and what it means.

And there's always our traditional Labor Day campfire (eeek, edible little Malachi in that link!!)! It seems like just barely that baby Junie was toddling around, and falling ofttimes into the fire, and oft into the water. Now that's Goldie's job.

Boys, sticks, fire. What could go wrong?

Girls on stump.
Girls in the cavities of a rock.
Goldie in the bear-chair

When we were in Montreal, our friend Thierry said he liked mayonnaise on his hot dogs. We tried it and it's great! And spinach makes every sandwich better. Also, we love the Costco hotdogs. Add chips and my Nana's baked beans and you have an ideal dinner. Yum!

Sam cooked perfect marshmallows/s'mores, as usual. There was something wondrous about the coals of this fire. They produced quick and even browning on every single marshmallow! We were marveling about it, and then someone stirred the coals and the magic was lost. Sad.
The most perfect marshmallows are not without their dark side, however. Even when they are simply regular-sized…they have the capacity for much evil.
Oh, sweet Marigold. The little lamb wants to come straight to me, of course. Drawn to me like a moth to a flame.
She is somewhat bewildered and not a little disturbed by the comprehensiveness of this mess. So am I, frankly. All part of the campfire experience!
Likewise, the sight of Sam warming a baby-bundle by the fire. I would like you to note Theo's bright little beady eyes peeking out from that blanket. Also Sam's solid stance and steely gaze. What a fine specimen of a man he is!
Theo quite agrees. He gazes at Sam adoringly in the firelight.
And so did the rest of us.
And that was Labor Day.

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