Downhill, dapper, breathe

October means I've got a backlog of photos from the camera a mile long.  October is full of traditions: picnics, pumpkin patches, hikes, costumes, drives up the canyon. Everything is so beautiful, so fleeting, and each captured picture is another stone in some great wall I'm constructing to hold back the winter. It's been warm and summery so far, but if anything, that makes me feel MORE frantic, knowing it could end, should end, any minute! The year is in its headlong, heedless descent, almost out of control, but there's no stopping it now! Just stand back—take a deep breath of that leafy, smoky air—and watch the light streak down across the sky before it fades.
All the boys seemed to have a growth spurt at once. Seb looks so handsome in his new suit!

And here are my little girls looking sunny on their way to church.
Sam calls this Theodore's "fabulous" shirt. One of our friends from Toronto gave this outfit to us, including the adorable fedora, and I must say I have never seen a better-dressed baby. Dapper! That's what he is.
Oh, goodness. His eager little expression!
The days plunge ahead. Breathe!

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  1. Oh Theo's outfit. So dapper!!! And those sunshine tights!!!


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