Newport Beach

If the weather is TOO HOT at Disneyland (as Allison and I were saying), then it is bound to be JUST RIGHT for the beach. And it was. I often forget how much work it is, going to the beach with children, and I so admire Allison for knowing full well what she's getting into, and going with us anyway! She also has many little tricks that make it easier, like mesh toy bags, and baby powder for getting sand off, and towel racks in the garage. But there is no getting around the fact that there are seven (or ten) sandy little bodies that need bathing afterwards!

Well, in spite of the aftermath, I do love the beach. I love the constant sound of the water, and the colors under the waves as they crest, and the sun hitting the wet sand. I love watching everyone laugh and squeal and jump over the waves. 
I even love little squirmy, scary sand-monsters like this one!
Daisy and Ben played the same game they played last year, just as sweetly. I love these two together.

Upside-down Junie
This looks fuzzy, like a Baby Glamour shot. But I think I just had something on the lens. Anyway, somehow this picture does not capture what Theo actually looks like. It sort of looks like baby Malachi. But he does have a cute smile!
Malachi, getting sunburned. He had a wetsuit on when we applied sunscreen, and when he took it off we forgot to re-apply. Luckily we are at the END of the summer so he mostly just tanned, but he did have sore and itchy shoulders for a few days!
Daisy and Abe riding a wave in
Ky and Junie playing various secret, solitary little games
Sharing a joke

Little footprints
Such a great day. There is nothing like the beach. We love it!

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