The Last Time

Everyone really, really liked these Baymax balloons
A year ago, before Sam stopped working for Disney, we took our Last Trip to Disneyland. It was a very fun and momentous occasion (with the older children telling the littler ones solemnly, "Since we won't get in free anymore, we will probably Never Come Here Again." True enough.) and so later when we realized we had one more set of free day passes left, we felt almost sheepish.

But in the best way. Because that meant we got to go visit Philip and Allison and do all our favorite California things and go to Disneyland and say one VERY last goodbye to everything.
We were so hot last year that we thought we would die. The Dole Whip floats were the only thing that saved us. So this year, we were prepared with fans! Misting fans, to be precise. Funny what a difference they made. Every time the heat felt unBEARable, we'd give ourselves a little squirt of mist and suddenly we could…bear it. Theodore was his usual good-natured self through it all.
The hotter it got, the curlier their hair got.

Goldie was the most fun to be with at Disneyland. When her cousin Ben started spinning her on the ladybug ride, I thought she was going to burst right out of her skin with excitement and happiness.
Ben was very sweet and solicitous of all the little girls. (Goldie is striding very determinedly in this picture!)
Junie and Allison.
The older kids were so busy having fun on all sorts of BIG rides that I hardly got any pictures of them at all. Daisy did everything she was tall enough to do, and wasn't a bit scared. They were all very happy to finally get to try the Tower of Terror. And I was happy enough to wait elsewhere with the little kids, terror not being my forte, but I did like hearing their giggling and breathless descriptions once the ride was over:
The teacups are always nice at night
Of course, my favorite thing was taking Goldie (and Theo) on the Small World ride. I loved their wide-eyed, wondering looks, which became more and more delighted with each new room we entered. By the third time on the ride, Goldie was clapping her hands and shivering with anticipation the moment she heard the music begin. I wish I could freeze time, with her exactly as she is in these pictures. So sweet. So enthralled.
And here we are at the inevitable end. The LAST last time at Disneyland. What a happy day it was!

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