Goldie's Birthday Floppy Guy

Before Goldie's birthday in May, I kept trying to figure out how I could make her a little floppy guy of her very own. It seemed like it would be relatively simple, and it also seemed like surely someone would have done it before and put the instructions online. But, even after searching all sorts of combinations ("mini air dancer," and "DIY inflatable air dancer" and so forth) I couldn't find anything! Just this which used a type of fan I didn't have (and these which, incidentally, would be awesome Halloween costumes). 

I did find this video that showed the type of thing I wanted, but again, I couldn't tell what was being used for the fan. In the video he talks about the “knee” that forms from the built-up air pressure, and I thought maybe that wasn't happening for me because of the type of fan. Maybe a small fan meant for air circulation doesn't form a concentrated column of air like a dedicated "blower" does? My fan could turn on pretty high, but maybe it was too diffused. I had thought putting the entire bag over it would channel the air and solve that problem, but it didn't seem to.

Anyway, after some experimentation, I didn't have the time or equipment to do much more with the blower part (maybe a leaf blower mechanism would have worked better, if we'd had one?), but I sewed up several shapes out of one of those cheap plastic tablecloths and tried them on the fans I had. There were two I was choosing from (this USB plug-in and this) but the smaller USB fan seemed way too weak even though it would allow me to make a smaller guy, so I concentrated on just the latter. As far as the shape of the guy himself, smaller/shorter seemed to be better, and I finally figured out a shape that would fit over the entire fan but then narrow into a smaller tube. The guy never did really "FLOP" except sort of weakly, but he did stand up and sway a bit, and I knew Goldie would like him even if he wasn't ideal.

And I must say I really enjoyed watching her meet him on her birthday. We set him up next to her presents and then called her in.

She was thoughtful.
Then happy.
Then she kissed him.
So it was all very matey and festive.

After that, we went and had a picnic at a playground ("My floppy guy will go to his floppy playground while we're gone," said Goldie) and enjoyed the lovely summery weather. I can hardly believe this little Goldilocks was turning three, but she is more and more person-like, so I guess I better get used to it! She's such a sunny little sweetie and we couldn't be more delighted with her!
A column of children.
We always tell them not to climb up the slide, but do they listen? Do they?
This little fellow enjoyed the swing immensely, and deployed his dimple to great effect.
He's so fat these days, I hardly know him! It makes him seem, if possible, even dimply-er.
Goldie pretended she was flying. Oh I love her so much. I can see both baby and girl in this picture of her.
I love Abe's expression here.
And Goldie's here.
Scary. Junie was pretending to be a dinosaur.
Daisy's so grown up, she can not only tie her own shoes, but she can do it while hanging by her knees!
Junie attempting to pump, apparently hoping extreme concentration will make it easier. (It didn't.)
Skipping with Daddy
Then it was time to go home for birthday pie.
Whenever Goldie cooks in her little kitchen, she tells me she's making "Lemon-Chocolate Pie" for me. So naturally, that's what she asked for for her birthday. I didn't even think there WAS such a thing—certainly I've never made it—but I looked it up and found some recipes. This is the one I ended up using, and it was quite good! Goldie, of course, was very pleased.
A little shy during the singing.
But so happy all the same. We love you sweet little Goldie! May your year be full of floppy guys. :)

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  1. So fun! And great job on your clever floppy guy! :)


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