Rocks, Fossils, and Dinosaurs

We've been studying Geology for the past month and a half and it makes me love living in Utah more than ever. I have this secret wish that someday, I will meet someone who tells me he or she moved to Utah just because it has such great geologic features. I like to imagine there are many such people. 

There are just so many great things to see! Minerals and fossils to find, mountains, deserts, volcanoes, rock formations. We went to lots of great places but there were about 10 more on my list that I wanted to go to, had there only been enough time. Well. Someday. But for now, here are some pictures from a few of our field trips.

Finding Calcite Onyx behind Mt. Nebo:

Picnicking (there is always picnicking)

Fossil-hunting at Fossil Mountain:

Dinosaur National Monument:

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