Spring, in pictures

A few things that happened this spring…besides all the other things that had their own posts written about them. :)
Teddy found lots of things on the floor and ate them. At the time this picture was taken, I had found him happily devouring a roll. The problem? We hadn't had any rolls that day! Hmm. Related: the time we were all at the dentist and I came out from my appointment (Abe had been "watching" the little kids in the waiting room, supposedly) to find Theo eating a Sausage McMuffin. Which had been sitting on a paper plate in a corner of the room. Did it belong to someone? How long had it been there? No one knows. Theo was super, super mad when I took it away.

Rides of various sorts were given, and tolerated.
Sometimes even enjoyed!
Daisy made me a card illustrating a true incident from her life. "When Daisy was [a] baby she cried the whole drive until they turned her around." This refers to how, as a baby, she used to SCREAM and SCREAM every time we went anywhere in the car. Finally she got old enough to sit in a forward-facing seat, and the day we turned her around she called out, "Whee! Whee! Whee!" for the entire ride. And never cried in the car again. It IS a good story.
We had a few snowy days.
(Junie's hair gets kind of curly when it's wet.)
And some rainy days.
Lilacs! And rain boots.
Girls with matching hairstyles on Easter.
Junie's birthday key lime pie
For her birthday, she got this dress and a matching dress for Violet.
Also this piggy suit for Violet, to match the piggy suit Junie got last Halloween.
Turquoise girls and their babies. Sometimes I get the feeling Junie has got some narrative of her own going on in that little head. Doesn't she look like she's trying to look like someone? A little lost waif, or orphan, or something?
Reading with Grandma on Mother's Day
I wish there was a better view of this costume Daisy made. She was dressing up as a prince, of course. She had made her pants into breeches by using knee socks, clipped on a hair bow to use as a cravat, and partially tucked in her velvet dress into her pants, making a very passable black jacket with tails. 
Kids watching Sebastian's puppet show
(With some interference from the peanut gallery)
We still love our bunny
The little triplets. (There goes Junie again. The tragic heroine.)
More triplets. They BEG for matching clothes! And I…well, I can't always resist them.


  1. The mcmuffin. Hahaha. And Goldie is perfectly grown up and one of the big girls now! And I think true princesses always DO wear penguin socks. And tell Junie I too am a big fan of key lime pie. Lastly, matching is the best. I wish I could match all my girls! Sadly I Cavan no longer match those oldest three at all as Daisy is now shipping in adult sizes. Gasp. I wonder if they'll be interested in letting me match them when they are all wearing women's clothing???

    1. I am really enjoying the mental picture of you and your adult daughters all in matching dresses. Awesome. :)


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