Insect hunters at Silver Lake

We like to head up into the canyons as often we can in the Fall—I get this sort of desperation when the weather is nice, like maybe this will be literally the LAST CHANCE WE EVER GET to enjoy it. Often we take our lunch and do our schoolwork outside as well. We try to get to all the canyons at some point, but I'm always up for multiple visits to Silver Lake, and do you know why? Because you can push a stroller the whole way around the lake! :) This particular day we were hunting for insects. And we found lots of them! Dragonflies and butterflies especially. Maybe they are feeling that autumnal desperation too.
Oh, Seb and Malachi. Thank you for those expressions. And that's Daisy's "big kid" look. I know because she told me. "This is how I look when I feel like one of the big kids."
Teddy, pleased to be let out of the stroller temporarily. Very temporarily.
Marigold stepped off this rock and fell immediately onto her face. She had a scabby lip for days, poor dear!

(Still pre-scabby lip)
It's just too much for me sometimes, this yellow. How can it be so beautiful? How?
Hair halo.
Jaunty pose.
Theo in a moment of jollity.
I think this is Millcreek Canyon, where we had our picnic after Silver Lake. There are more reds and oranges there. Equally lovely.
I like the yellow leaf-light reflecting onto their faces.
Malachi, amazed at the pure yellow color of these leaves.
I loved these bright berries against the yellow foliage. So vibrant!
Girls, catching some insect or other.

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