Silver Lake, part The Second

These trips to Silver Lake were just a few weeks apart, and it's so fun to compare the colors! I could go here every day in Fall and never tire of it. And if you add in a visit with my brother Philip and his family…well…it is pretty much perfect.
A little snow had fallen since we last came! You can see it up on the high peaks. And it was chillier.

A little cloudier.

Philip kept hatting and coating and blanketing everyone, making sure they were warm. He is good that way. Although I do think his Utah hardiness may have diminished a bit after so many years of the Good Life in California. Anyway, Theo was very thoughtful about having this blanket around his shoulders. At least he didn't immediately screech and throw it off, the way he did when I tried to put his jacket around him!
This was my favorite section of trees. I love this color of aspens! When they are just going orange on top like they've been toasting under the broiler for a minute.
Daisy and Ben
Cool and foreboding cloud!
Goldie contemplates the cosmos.
A philosophical head-tilt.
Windblown Junie.
Teddy, saying "Fish! Fish in there!" and "Quack, quack, hi, bye, go away!" with great intensity and urgency at the ducks.
The lower half of Abe. And Teddy, feeling his tooth.
The upper half of Abe. Smiling.
Philip and Allison and two twins. And one interloper.
Both halves of Abe.
Shadow and sun. I love it when the clouds are moving fast and the light keeps changing!
These trees, for example, looked completely different in the shadow…
than they did in the sunlight. Beautiful both ways!
Simultaneous pictures being taken. Good old Daisy choosing me over Philip.
So, so brilliantly gold! How is this not everyone's favorite color?
The group.
When Goldie came over to get her food out of our picnic basket, she was speaking all in chirps and cheeps. I didn't know why and didn't particularly think anything of it, but later when I saw her off by herself, eating her lunch in this little "nest," all became clear. She was a baby bird, of course.
Gorgeously beautiful day. So glad to have seen this second stage of the leafy canyon!

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