Leaves, leaves, leaves (and a caterpillar)

It has been SO so beautiful outside and we can't just bear to miss it. We've gotten very efficient at throwing a picnic into the cooler (yogurt, spreadable swiss cheese, crackers, and juice—I always keep those things on hand—and hard-boiled eggs and muffins or brownies too, if we have a little bit of lead time), packing up our schoolwork, and running off to the mountains—whenever possible! There has also been lots of bits-and-pieces waiting time as we drive various kids to choir practice and piano lessons, for at least some of us to enjoy the leaves and the weather. It is wonderful and, every time, I wish it could last longer. I have a goal not to dread winter this year—to enjoy it and live in the moments as they come—but these golden days make it difficult not to feel greedy for more.
See? Hard at work.
We found a fuzzy caterpillar!

While the others are hard at work, Goldie and I are usually just playing! :) I take so many pictures of her, you might be forgiven for thinking she's my favorite. (And you might be right…or perhaps it's just that she's easier to follow around than certain others I could name. And she's so SUNNY and fun to watch!)
She was actually rather concerned about all the leaves scattered on the rocks and the ground. She said she liked how "leavy" it was, but she kept fanatically brushing them off of things and saying "So many! So messy!" with a kind of borderline-hysterical laugh.
I LOVE this. Leaves on every flat surface, and some not-so-flat ones. Some soft, some crunchy. Every color.
Among the millions of leaves, she found a dirty old pretzel someone had dropped, naturally.
Daisy in her new "gingerbread" coat
I love how the colors shift from warm to cool when the clouds move.

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