The So Many Floppy Guys

Goldie's love of Floppy Guys persists. So you can imagine our excitement when we were driving on the freeway one day and saw SO MANY floppy guys up on a hill. Goldie wasn't in the car, but the rest of us were full of amazement. A whole army of floppy guys! A horde of floppy guys! (I could do better. A flotilla of floppy guys! A flapjack of floppy guys!) We couldn't stop then, of course (many Important Things to do), but the next day we packed up Goldie and drove down specially to investigate. We were holding our collective breath, of course, that the floppy guys would still BE there!
They were! Next to a Ferris wheel, which apparently was the whole attraction for some people, but not for US. We only had eyes for the floppy guys!
Goldie isn't scared of them anymore. She hugged one just to prove it. Teddy was scared, though. As you can imagine, the fifteen of them, fans on full-blast and looming down from the sky like swaying red demons, made an impression. Teddy started shrieking and wouldn't stop until Sebby took him back to the safety of the car, where he alternately whimpered "I wuv the floppy guys. I wuv them, Sebby," and "NO! NO! DON'T GO SEE FLOPPY GUYS! NO SEBBY, NO!" Poor conflicted child.
They are trying so hard to look friendly. And they are! So very, floppily, friendly.
It was probably the best day of Goldie's year. (And the worst of Teddy's?) And it was a good thing we went and looked at the so-many-floppy-guys when we did, because a few days later, they disappeared, as mysteriously as they had come. Sometimes Goldie will still ask after them. "I want to see the so-many-floppy-guys again!" she'll say. And I have to tell her, soberly (but truthfully, I think), "Goldie, you will probably never see so many floppy guys again in your entire life."


  1. This magnificence might almost have been worth a drive to your neck of the woods! Anders especially loves them too. And are they just universally known as floppy guys? 'Cause that's what we call them.

    1. It really was the chance of a lifetime. I wish Anders could have seen them! And I'm very pleased to hear you call them Floppy guys too. When I was trying to find out how to make one for Goldie's birthday last year, I found out they were officially (?) called "air dancers." But I don't think that's NEARLY as good of a name.


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